Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson

I worked for Carolina Power & Light Company after school, but I always knew I wanted to own my own business. So in 1996, I started a landscaping company, not because I enjoyed mowing lawns, but because I wanted to work for myself. I also began investing in real estate, and today, I own about 40 single-family investment homes. I also invest in commercial properties.

I met my wife because she was my real estate agent for many of my properties! After we began dating, I started to see real estate from the agent’s perspective, rather than just the investor’s, and I debated getting my real estate license. My wife actually tried to talk me out of it! Good thing I stuck with it; I loved my classes and the idea that I was truly helping buyers and sellers.

I was born and raised in Eastern Wake County, so the Triangle has always been home. Growing up, I enjoyed plenty of sports and educational opportunities, and now I love that my five kids get to enjoy those same opportunities. Outside of that, I love the Carolina Panthers and the Hurricanes.

Outside of having an ultra-cool team leader, our team is truly special in the way everyone helps everyone else out—it feels like a big family. Each agent has different skill sets and is always willing to share his or her skills with other agents. There’s also a little friendly big-brother-type competition that pushes and motivates us to become better agents and, for some, better people even outside of work. This is why I ultimately started 220 Agents—because I wanted to build a team that cared more about helping clients than about earning commission.

With all the unique skills and personalities at work in our team, we offer a level of service that most agents or groups just can’t. We work as a team to ensure we have someone always available to help—whether you have questions or you’re ready to start seeing homes.

"It was excellent working with Mark. He is extra helpful and super professional. I would always recommend him. He is always on time and very respectful of the client's choices. Very good experience working with him."

– Bought a Townhouse in Cary, NC

It’s like working with one agent with the expertise of twenty

What Other Agents Do

  • Discounted Commission for Discounted Services—You handle staging, showings, contract & repair negotiations with a discount broker.
  • Convenience vs. Profit—iBuyer services allow you to sell quickly, but at the cost of your hard-earned equity
  • Salesperson Attitude vs. Relationship Building—Discount brokers are more interested in making a quick profit than making you money

What 220 Agents Do

  • Years of experience in all areas of real estate—including new construction, insurance, staging and lending services
  • In-depth market knowledge—ensuring proper pricing, a wide reach of advertising, highly competitive offers and strong negotiating skills
  • Excellent communication throughout—we hold your hand from list/search through showings, contract negotiations & inspections to the close.

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Over 9,000 acres of parkland

Raleigh boasts over 9,000 acres of parkland, making it an ideal city for adventurers, explorers, and lovers of the great outdoors. Its greenway system travels over 180 miles across trails, paths, and roadways.

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Amazing nightlife & entertainment

Raleigh’s fun runs long into the night; in fact, Raleigh has the highest concentration of live music venues in the state! And it’s home to more than 15% of the state’s craft breweries.

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